Month: January 2012

Wallbeds: Murphy Beds

Do you have a room that needs to serve a dual function? Do you want a playroom for the kids, but the room is too small to accommodate a bed and still have space for them to play?  What if you could have a playroom that could double as a guest room?  Having a room…

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Custom Closets: Organizing in Limited Space

One of the constant battles fought by families in apartments is space management. Custom closets can be a perfect addition if you are looking to restore organization and eliminate clutter. Custom closets offer advantages that can provide the best option for many apartments. In addition, they are attractive and provide a great value. The following…

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The Importance of Custom Closets for Homeowners

Custom closets can provide benefits to you as a homeowner. Here are a few ways adding a custom closet to your home can be a valuable investment: Space Management - By providing efficient space management, custom closet designs can utilize existing space in your home. By creating a custom closet design in accordance to existing…

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