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Easy Entryway Spruce Up Tips

White custom entryway mudroom cabinetry.

At Closet and Storage Concepts we love helping our customers create more space so they can enjoy their homes even more. If you’re tired of tripping over shoes, mail piling up on the table, or of dirty coats, we’re here to help. Use these tips to get an entryway that’s neat and tidy. The best part is that many of these tasks can be done easily!

Quick Wipe Down

In the last few weeks of winter, many see boot and shoe prints in their entryway from the extra dirt and mud caused by the rain and snow. Be sure to give your entryway a good wipe down. This will help protect your floors and get your mudroom or entryway back in tidy order. Your space will look larger from less mess and you may even jumpstart an organizing session.

In addition to your floors, don’t forget to clean the boot trays and liners and rugs. While you’re at it, taking a few minutes to clear away scuff marks along your baseboards or to quickly dust along the tops of your storage units, is a relatively easy task that can help you keep your entryway clean and organized.

Mail Time Purge

Complete a quick purge and get your entryway cleared for the coming weeks. Say goodbye to items that are taking over your entryway organizer – whether it’s old receipts, wrappers, or trash. By removing these items you’ll be on your way to a cleaner and more efficient space. To help you get in the habit of clearing items right away, consider putting the recycle bin or shredder in your entryway.

File or Store Away

Properly file or store items. File documents and statements away to your home office file cabinets. For immediate items that need to be dealt with, make sure you have a sorting system in place. You’ll be less likely to let things fall through the cracks.

Move and store out of season items. Some examples include the swim goggles and beach toys unless you’re in a warmer state. Put coats on their proper hangers and make sure everything is put back in place. Draft family members to help you – you’ll all be able to spend more time doing something you love by spending less time cleaning and organizing.

Make the Most of Your Storage Space

The entryway or mudroom is often a multipurpose room. Make sure it is able to produce the best results by evaluating your storage. If you’re running out of space for sports equipment or guests’ coats, it may be time to find a better solution. Consider built-in units that can help you store your kids’ school supplies, cleats, swim bag, your guests’ coats, and even laundry supplies. If your home doesn’t have the luxury of a mudroom, simple solutions that double your space can help. A small bench with shoe storage or even mounting a few more hooks for backpacks and coats can be easy alternatives. These solutions keep your entryway streamlined and help you stay organized.

Make It Pretty

If your entryway is already organized and clean, but is still looking a little bit worse for wear, consider aesthetic upgrades. A fresh coat of paint to refresh your entryway can give a little bit of extra life. Spruce up your storage units with a fresh coat of paint to cover up scuffs and scratches.

Simply adding new cushion covers to your bench or new hangers can give your mudroom some extra utility and beauty. If your entryway tends to look a little dark, adding in another light source or some bright flowers can help you stay positive in the last throws of winter.

Upgrade your entryway or utility room storage. Give your local Closet and Storage Concepts designer a call today. We’ll help you transform your space to make room for life!