Things To Do Before Summer

Things To Do Before Summer

Clean outdoor deck with grill

Summer is almost here! School projects are being completed, kids are graduating, and temps are heating up across the country. Make sure you’re ready for summer by prepping your home today. Here are eight key items to take care of.

1. The Grill

Barbecues and summer parties often include grilling. Prepare ahead by cleaning your grill and stocking up on supplies. It would be a shame to start a party and find you need more coal or propane. 

2. Clean the Summer Furniture and Deck

As days get longer, more and more people spend time outdoors, especially in entertaining areas. Tend to your deck and patio area. Clean off the deck by power washing it or apply a protective stain layer. Don’t forget to launder or wash summer cushions and furniture – no one likes to sit in a spider lair.

3. Check Lighting

Make sure your outdoor lighting is in order. Replace light bulbs and consider solar-powered walkway lights to take advantage of the summer sunshine. Lighting is a great finishing touch to any space. Custom garage storage cabinets grey

4. Prep Beach Toys (Or Picnic Supplies)

Summer is often a time for relaxing, such as going to the beach or having a picnic. Clean everything off as you prepare for warmer days. Consider using a plastic bin to contain beach toys. This keeps sand out of your carpets and makes it easy to put all of the toys into your car. In the garage, having a dedicated shelf or cabinet to hold these items and other sports equipment can help with this. Be sure to contact one of our local designers if you’re interested in creating a more functional garage.

5. Get The Suitcases

Many people also go on summer vacations, so make sure you have access to your suitcases and luggage. We suggest double-checking that zippers work properly and consider investing in new luggage if they don’t look the best. Stock up on packing cubes to make packing (and unpacking) a breeze. Just don’t go crazy with travel toiletries without consulting your existing collection. This will prevent overpacking and from storing unneeded items!

6. Evaluate Safety Features

Check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and make sure you have enough supplies stocked up for emergencies. Now is a great time to check batteries in the flashlights and your fire extinguisher. Replace items as needed.

HVAC service technician

7. Check Air Conditioners & Cooling Units

While you’re at it, it’s wise to check air conditioners and other cooling units. This will keep expensive units working their best for longer, which can help keep energy bills low. An experienced technician may even be able to provide other ideas to help cool your home in the summer.

8. Plan Summer Home Renovation Projects

Summer is another time that many people follow through with home renovation projects. Make a plan for key projects that you want to accomplish. Start getting quotes and evaluating contractors before they get booked up. Doing the research now will help you make the most of your summer.

Add custom storage to your list this summer so you can go back to school and love your home even more. Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts designers to get started!

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