Tips for a Fun, Safe and Organized Summer

Tips for a Fun, Safe and Organized Summer

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The Fourth of July is almost here! With the federal holiday, many families may be on extended holidays and are likely to be spending time with each other. At Closet & Storage Concepts we want to make sure everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July and summer to remember. Here are some of our top tips.

Water Safety

The summer heat may lead many families to beaches, lakes, or the swimming pool. However, accidental drownings are one of the leading causes of child deaths which can increase in the summer. Also, with melting mountain snow, waters and rivers could be alarmingly fast even though it may not look like. Even experienced swimmers can become distressed by fast moving water. Always use caution when around water by keeping an eye on small children and make sure everyone uses lifejackets. Keep lifejackets in waterproof bins to protect your car interior and make it easy to store when you arrive back home.


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Even though fireworks can be beautiful, they can come with unwanted risks. Always follow manufacturer instructions and follow local laws as some counties will ban fireworks due to increased fire risks. Never bundle groups of fireworks together or put them inside of clothes. Keep a bucket of water and fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency. If in doubt, just watch fireworks show as many cities will put on shows that are safe and beautiful for the entire family!

Storing Grills

Store barbecue grills in an area that will be out of the way of playful as well as house vents. This can keep fumes out of your home while still providing delicious food. When summer is over and you need to put away your grill make sure to cover it properly. Be sure to store propane tanks in cool areas outside of your home.

Firepits and Fire Safety

No matter if you’re enjoying an evening around a backyard fire pit or a park campfire, pay attention to fire warnings and follow state and national park rules. This can help you and others enjoy an outdoor area. As with fireworks, it’s beneficial to have water and a fire extinguisher nearby. Also place the fire pit away from flammable materials.

Keep Walkways Clear

Keep lanes and walkways around fireworks, fires, and pools clear from clutter. This can prevent accidental falls and trips and will give your space a cleaner look. Having clean walkways will ensure that everyone will be able to have a good time in a safe manner. Keep items like disposable cutlery and plates and bowls in bins or baskets to help them stay in a designated area if you’re hosting. This makes it easy to find items in addition to providing safety. Having a customized pantry or garage system can help you create a place for entertaining items.

Running out of places to store your items? Give your local Closet & Storage Concepts designers a call. They can help you makeover your garage, closet, or spare room to help you increase functionality. We hope everyone has a fun, safe, and organized summer!

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