Getting Your Home Storage Ready for Winter

Getting Your Home Storage Ready for Winter

cleaning organization Closet and Storage ConceptsJust as the weather is cooling off all over the country, you may find that your to-do list is starting to heat up. The beginning of a new season is a natural signal to take stock, plan for change, and improve your home—and that probably means you’ve got about a thousand things on your mind.

That’s why the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts are here today with a guide that will help you make order of the mental chaos and identify the most important seasonal storage and organization tasks to accomplish before winter arrives. Along with our summer preparation guide, you can be organized year-round! Let’s get started!

Collect Items for Charity Donation

We’ll start you off with an easy task: purge the clutter that has accumulated during sunnier months—but don’t toss it! Those old clothes, towels, toys, and household goods might make someone else’s day. Start a box in your garage—or even better, put it right in your entryway as a means of motivating yourself to fill it up and take it to the nearest donation center.

Prep for Holiday Guests

With winter comes the holidays, and with the holidays come guests. Even one or two people bringing in their bags, shoes, coats, and miscellaneous belongings can start to make your space feel a little cluttered. How do you combat this seemingly inevitable mess? Our suggestion is to focus on organizing your entryway in a manner that accommodates the habits and natural impulses of your guests. Combining visual and hidden storage solutions is one of the best ways to keep doorway clutter out of sight, and tactful placement of hooks, bins, and drawers will help keep you and your guests from losing small valuables.

Confront the Kitchen and Pantry Drawers

This is one of those things that will continue to get put off unless you bite the bullet and do it! Our suggestion is to start with the big stuff—pots, pans, lids, appliances, and non-perishables—and then work towards the smaller items. Consolidating big things first will open up valuable storage space, and it will give you that satisfied, productive feeling that helps you continue the kitchen reorganization marathon. Oh, and finding the right custom pantry doesn’t hurt either.

Make Sure Seasonal Clothes are Accessible

It’s time to bring down the big jackets and boots you put up on that shelf. Now is also a good time to clean these items off and make sure they’re in good condition for the coming season. As long as you’re working on your closet, you may as well take the time to reassess whether you need to incorporate custom storage solutions like with closet accessories and adjustable shelving.

Need a Hand Finding the Right Storage or Organization Solution?

The team at Closet & Storage Concepts is here to help! Get in touch with us for a free, in-home consultation, and talk with our expert design team about finding a system that works for your needs and budget.

Photo Credit: © Joanna Malinowska

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