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4 Ways to Prep Your Entry for Winter

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Entryway storage cabinetry Closet & Storage Concepts

Winter coats, scarves, hats, boots – it all helps you stay warm this winter, but where does it go? If you’re struggling with how to keep your entryway organized, we’ve got four ideas to inspire you. wall hooks from TAG Hardware

Add Hooks and Racks 

Some of the most underused space in the entryway is vertical space. Hooks and racks are an easy way to carve out more storage space by using the walls. This is a great solution for renters, who may be unable to invest in large storage solutions, or for homeowners who have small entryways. 

If you’ve got floor space underneath the hooks, consider a storage bench with hidden space inside. This lets you store occasionally-used items nearby yet out of sight, and provides a handy place to sit and remove those winter boots. 

Use Storage Bins 

Storage bins keep all those winter accessories organized so everyone can find what they need. Decorative bins can even give your entry a pop of color to add style to your home entry or mudroom

While bins are handy for loose items, too many can clutter the floor. To neaten things up, consider investing in a custom storage unit where you can place large items (like those winter boots) or organize storage bins for things like hats or mittens.  

entryway storage system Closet & Storage Concepts

Try Floor to Ceiling Storage

If you have a large entryway or foyer, you can invest in floor-to-ceiling storage for all your gear. Custom organization systems and cubbies for every member of the family that utilize every inch of wall space provides a simple solution for all your things. Work with a custom closet provider like Closet & Storage Concepts who can inventory what you store near the entryway, measure your space, and present you with elegant options to keep everything contained. 

Use Open Shelving 

Open shelving works well when you like to see everything out in the open. Deep shelves can accommodate shoes, winter gear, sports equipment, pet leashes, mail, and much more. Rather than invest in off-the-rack shelving, which comes in preset sizes, consider custom shelving that’s sized specifically for your home and maximizes the amount of storage space from your home entryway. You could even choose an adjustable shelving solution, so you can raise and lower shelving to keep pace with your changing storage needs. 

Learn More About Entry Storage Options

If any of these ideas has piqued your curiosity, we are happy to talk more. Learn more about custom shelving and built-ins for your mudroom or entryway through a free in-home consultation. Book your free consult today

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