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Small Laundry Room Storage Tips

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Small laundry room storage cabinets

Small laundry room storage cabinetsKeeping a small laundry room tidy and organized is no small task but with some planning and patience, it can be done. Here are some tried and proven tips that can help you transform your utility room from a disaster zone into a pleasant place for chores.

Use Baskets, Jars, and Other Containers

Baskets, jars, and other containers are great for a wide variety of items. Laundry baskets are ideal for sorting dirty or clean laundry, or even holding items that have been collected from around the home until the rightful owners come to put them away. If you have a large family consider labeling a basket for each family member. A coin jar near the washing machine can help you collect coins and other small items from pockets before you put your clothes in the wash. A large jar with a spout can be an elegant way to keep laundry detergent. 

Use Wall Space

If you have a lot of small containers in your utility room and don’t know where to put them, invest in wall shelves and/or hooks. Hooks are great for hanging up jackets and towels; additionally, large hooks can be used to hang an ironing board. Alternatively, use a pullout ironing board as an effective, space-saving solution. Wall shelves can hold a variety of cleaning supplies such as laundry soap, disinfectant, softener and even home toiletries such as toilet paper, extra bottles of shampoo/conditioner, etc. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Adding extra storage space to your laundry area should not be seen as an excuse to accumulate clutter. If you don’t use items on a regular basis you should either get rid of them or donate them. If items are in your utility room that would be of more use stored in the garage or another area, be sure to move them. 

Creating Custom Storage Solutions

If your utility or laundry room is lacking in storage, consider using custom storage solutions. Companies such as Closet & Storage Concepts can create space-saving storage units that can easily hold a large variety of items that would otherwise clutter up your home. We can create custom shelving, storage cabinets and more in your laundry room or garage to help you make more room in your home.

Tidying up a utility room full of clothes, odds and ends, household cleaning supplies, and more is always challenging. Thankfully, you don’t have to do the job all at once. Start by getting rid of clutter and then look for ways to add space-saving storage options to keep surfaces clean. Build custom storage shelves or cabinets with help from Closet & Storage Concepts to solve storage problems once and for all. Find a local designer!