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5 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Closet (Again)

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Traditional organized custom closet

Traditional organized custom closetYou don’t have to keep fighting with your closet. Fall in love with your closet (again) with these five tricks from Closet & Storage Concepts.


Maybe it’s not your closet that is the root of your problems. It could be the stuff you are storing. Now is a great time to go through and purge items that you don’t love and wear. Once you declutter, it will be easier to store your items.

Try Reshuffling

Sometimes you just need to revive your closet with a simple reshuffle. It’s a great time to store out-of-season items and get ready for spring. You can also try organizing your clothes by color for a fun look. Some people even find that organizing by color makes it easier to find their items.

Go Custom

If you’re on the verge of breaking up with your closet, bring in one of our designers to mediate! We can help transform your closet and help you find storage space you didn’t know you had. Plus, our high-quality finishes and materials will ensure that your closet will look great for years to come, no matter the daily wear and tear you put it through. Custom closets are great investments in your home and can help improve your routines.

Fold out ironing board in closet systemSmall Upgrades

Smaller upgrades can help you appreciate your closet even more. Upgrading your closet island countertop to a natural stone can provide a high-end finish. Alternatively, incorporating accessories like a foldout ironing board or valet rod can help you increase your storage space and make your closet more functional. Adding a new chandelier or new fabric cushions are great ways to get a new look in your closet without a massive bill. Don’t neglect your storage bins and baskets! If baskets are looking a little tatty, give them an upgrade to give your closet a revived appearance.

A Little Clean

Speaking of a fresh clean, a little bit of dusting and cleaning never hurt anyone! Dusting shelves and getting the dirt out of drawers is a great first step. It’s amazing what a little bit of cleaning can do to change your perspective.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of work to love your closet again. With these simple tricks, you’ll be on your way to rediscovering your appreciation for your closet.

Closet & Storage Concepts is your choice for custom closet solutions. Our team of local experts throughout the United States is here to help. Find a location near you to get started on your project!

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