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library bookcase Murphy bed open

Short on Space? Accommodate Guests with an Innovative Murphy Bed

closed library bookcase Murphy bedYou’ve always tried to be a generous person when it comes to helping a friend or family member in need. Now it seems that you could use some more space in your home.

Usually, when someone comes to visit, you’d be able to accommodate a guest by letting him or her sleep on the couch. But if it’s starting to feel more cramped, and you don’t have a bedroom or free couch to spare, consider installing a Murphy bed. A Murphy bed is also commonly referred to as a “wall bed.”

What’s in a Closet & Storage Concepts Murphy Bed

In case you’ve never slept in one before, a Murphy bed is a special type of bed that is designed to maximize storage and provides a convenient and easy way to create a place for guests when you need it. Your Murphy bed will be more comfortable than a cot or a couch that converts to a bed.

An expert technician can install the unit in nearly any room that you are you looking to create a sleeping space, whether it’s a spare bedroom, office, or even living room. During the day, the Murphy bed folds up from the floor into the wall, keeping it out of the way so you have more floor space for other activities.

Just because you have a new Murphy bed, it doesn’t mean that people will have to know that it exists. To that end, you can opt to disguise the wall bed with bookshelves on its exterior. When you fold up this type of Murphy bed in the morning, the room will convert into an elegant library. Choose from a multitude of colors, finishes, and design options for a truly customized look.library bookcase Murphy bed open

Major Benefits of Installing a Murphy Bed:

  • No need to move into a bigger home to accommodate another sleeper
  • No big construction projects to create a bigger room
  • Compact designs are available for compact spaces
  • Able to entertain more houseguests
  • Can make a room dual-purpose, such as an exercise gym during the day and a bedroom at night

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Get Help

Running out of room for guests but don’t want to undergo a taxing renovation project? A wall bed could be the solution. Guests will feel comfortable rather than sleeping on the floor or in a chair, and you’ll still be able to have a room for crafts or an office when guests aren’t in town. If you have questions about what’s involved in selecting a Murphy bed or would like some help when picking the right model, our team of experts at Closet & Storage Concepts are standing by to assist you in the decision making process. Get in touch with a local designer.