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Making the Most of Basement and Attic Renovations

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custom closet in attic space

Besides vacations and cookouts, summers are also the ideal time to complete renovations and to add more storage space to your home. If you want to avoid the costly nature of an addition, converting an attic or basement into a livable space is the next best course of action. Yet there are factors to take into consideration when making the conversion both when designing the floor plan of the space and when organizing it.

custom closet in attic space

Attic Conversions

Attics can make excellent bedrooms, sitting rooms, or craft rooms. Yet you have to pay extra attention to meet all building code requirements, as some attics simply don’t provide enough height or weight support for the addition of furniture and other elements. Local building codes can vary, but most attic spaces will need to be at least 7 feet and 5 inches high from the floor, provide 70 square feet of space, and have joists reinforced to handle the additional weight. Other building codes may require two fire escapes, such as a window and door.

When designing your attic into a bedroom, you have to take into consideration how to fit your furniture into a tight space. Ceilings can also hamper the available space as they may be slanted or have odd angles. To increase both space and functionality, multifunctional furniture may be the answer, such as beds that can transform a bedroom into an office or living space.

Also, tall dressers, armoires, and premade wardrobes can also be difficult to fit into the attic, and won’t sit against a wall with a slanted ceiling. A customized closet made from a reliable home organization manufacturer, such as Closet & Storage Concepts, can allow you to have the perfect storage for clothing, toys, and other possessions.

Basement Conversions

custom mudroom storage in a basementIf an attic conversion isn’t possible, a basement conversion may be the better solution. An unfinished basement can be converted into another bedroom, home theater room, game room, or even a fitness room. The type of room you desire will dictate the way you arrange furniture. Systems like the furnace and water heater can also affect the layout of your space. Creating a small utility room in your basement can provide a way to hide any mechanical systems, as well as provide storage for tools, decoration, sporting goods, or other items.

Another factor you will have to deal with is moisture and mildew. Basement foundations and walls can leak unless you have the right waterproofing in place. To keep your things dry and mold free, you may want to consider custom closets, cupboards, and shelves that can be built off the floor.

Keep your basement or attic space organized with smart storage solutions! Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts designer to Make Room for Life® today! 

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