How Puzzles Can Help You Organize Your Closet

How Puzzles Can Help You Organize Your Closet

contemporary custom closet designHave you completed a puzzle before? These coffee table games have been popular for decades and can depict many different images, and come in various skill levels. Although you might think of it like any other game – just a way to have fun and pass time – there’s actually a lot you can learn about organizing from puzzling. Consider the following organization lessons that you can apply to your closet.

  1. Maximize use of every nook and cranny

The goal of a puzzle is to complete an image, without any gaps. The same rule of thumb should apply to your organization project. Avoid wasted space such as in the corner of your closet with specialized shelving. In addition, closet accessories like a wardrobe lift can help you maximize your vertical storage space.

  1. Shelves are your friends

When you start a puzzle, you usually find the corner pieces and build the frame. This acts as a foundation which is similar to shelving in a closet. When you’re in a tight closet without a lot of room for storage, installing a few shelves on the wall can maximize your space. Shelves can also store shoes to minimize your use of floor space.

  1. Rotation, rotation, rotation

If you just try to fit pieces together without rotating them, you might miss out on connecting the right pieces. The same goes with organizing in your closet. Don’t simply store something right-side-up just because that’s how it’s “supposed” to look. For example, if you wanted to store some extra tissue boxes in a linen closet, try arranging them in both vertical and horizontal positions to maximize your space. Rotating items around your closet can help you make the most of your storage space.

  1. Put like shapes together

The whole point of a puzzle is to put pieces together. They will all fit together perfectly by design. Although the items in your closet might not fit together quite as perfectly, you can divide the items in your closet by shape, and put like-shapes together. From there, try to fit two items together at a time. Folding items so they are the same shape and size (think the Kondo way) and using storage containers that can be stacked or used together will help you maximize your space.

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