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Boutique-Style Dressing Room Closet Inspiration

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boutique-style custom closet shelving

With custom closet solutions for storage and organization, your bedroom closet can become much more than just a place to keep your clothes. From expertly displaying your wardrobe and accessories to creating a relaxing atmosphere to start your day, the possibilities are endless. Use these seven steps to transform an ordinary closet into a boutique-style retreat.

1. Add An Island

If your space allows, consider adding a custom-built island to the middle of your closet. Include drawers and/or compartments to store sweaters, shoes, or accessories. The top surface is the perfect place to set out fashion books, perfumes, and candles. Ensure adequate space around the island, especially if it will include drawers or cabinet custom closet shelving

2. Include a Vanity Dressing Table

You might also consider adding a small vanity table with a mirror. Choose a small ornate chair or padded stool that can be stowed under the table when not in use. A small closet vanity can be the perfect place to do makeup and style your hair.

3. Elegant Shoe Shelves

Custom shoe storage can function as a way to display shoes and boots in your home boutique closet. You get to select the size and configuration so it’s a perfect fit for your collection.

4. Glass Cabinetry

Consider having custom cabinets created to minimize clutter and provide a streamlined look. Lightly etched or frosted glass will create an elegant look while still allowing you to see inside and find exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Lighting Considerations

For your boutique closet, lighting should not be an afterthought. Consider higher-end choices such as a chandelier or sconce wall lighting. Recessed lighting or track lighting can create a more contemporary look if this is a better reflection of your style.

6. Accessory Additions

custom jewelry dividers in a closetIt’s all in the details, so give careful consideration to how various accessories can best be stored and displayed. Slide out rack storage for scarves and belts will keep these items within easy reach. Consider a small drawer with dividers for watches, jewelry, and other key accessories. Custom closet solutions can help make your vision a reality. 

7. The Finishing Touches

The right flourishes and details can bring your custom boutique closet design together. Make it your own by choosing cabinets, drawer hardware, and other details to reflect your style and preferences.

You can elevate a typical bedroom closet to something truly special by transforming it into an elegant boutique style dressing room. With custom closet storage and organization solutions and your own personal vision, you can create the closet of your dreams. Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts to get started.

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