Playroom Storage Solutions

Playroom Storage Solutions

You child’s playroom is her path to fun and learning. Make the most of it by adding quality storage solutions to hold everything from clothes for playing dress-up to an overflowing collection of games and puzzles. Promote a safe and clutter-free space by incorporating a few of these ideas into your home.organized and tidy playroom with storage

Four Ways to Keep Your Child’s Playroom Organized

  • An old-fashioned toy box. Forget about throwing your child’s toys in plastic tubs and then shoving them under the bed. Why not choose something a little more beautiful and traditional? Although it may be a bit out-of-style these days, a toy box is a perfect place to keep all of your child’s playtime things out of sight yet easily accessible. You can even decorate your child’s toy box with bright colors, stickers, or intricate carvings.   
  • A window seat provides plenty of storage. Adding a window seat to a play area not only provides a convenient place to sit for all guests, but it also offers a good amount of storage space to boot. You can opt for a more traditional built-in window seat with shelving on both sides, or you may wish merely to place a removable storage bench under the window. Either way, add a comfortable cushion and a supportive back pillow, and you have a bonus reading nook. Create a built-in look with shelving, cubbies, and more. 
  • A custom-built closet organizer. Are you lucky enough to have a dedicated closet in your child’s playroom? Then you need to take full advantage of your good fortune by creating a complete toy storage solution of your child’s dreams. A custom closet company like Closet & Storage Concepts can help you to design and build a closet organizer utilizing shelves, drawers, and cabinets to give everything a designated place. While you are at, don’t forget that the storage space can pull double duty by providing you with storage for your crafts or hobbies. Just make sure that you can lock away anything you don’t want your kids to have access to.
  • Add a slatted wall. While you are more likely to find a slatted wall panel in a retail store than in a kid’s playroom, slat walls will give you the perfect foundation for creating a flexible storage solution which can grow along with your child. The design of a slat wall makes it simple to add or adjust shelving, clothing bars, baskets, and bins to fit each stage in your child’s life. Slat walls can come in a number of different colors and can be customized to your decor.

Start Your Project

Whichever storage solution you choose for your child’s playroom, remember it is up to you to encourage your kids to turn off the TV, put down the video controller, and engage in play which stimulates their imagination and creativity. Start transforming your space today!

Closet & Storage Concepts serves clients across North America. We believe in helping clients Make Room for Life®. We specialize in custom closets, home office storage, and built-in home storage furnishings. For more information, contact a location near you.

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