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Essential Feng Shui Tips for Your Office

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customized home office desks in white

Feng Shui draws from ancient eastern principles to help optimize work and living spaces. The goal is to facilitate the ideal flow of qi (“chi”), or life force energy around each room to enhance health, productivity, relaxation, and quality of life.

The following steps can help to bring out the best in your home office and optimize your productivity.  customized home office desks in white

Minimize Clutter

One of the cardinal rules of good feng shui is having minimal clutter, and only keeping a few items out on view. Minimize the number of office supplies and paperwork you leave out by coming up with a system to tackle it. Every element, piece of furniture, and décor item should be chosen and placed with an eye toward optimizing the energy flow in the room.

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Face the Door

Avoid arranging your office with your back toward the door. Facing the door creates a sense of safety and well-being due to your ability to monitor the entryway.

Choose a Moderately Energizing Color Scheme

Colors can have an energizing or a sedating effect, so select your office color scheme with this in mind. Examples of ideal office colors would include a neutral or muted tan, gold, orange or green. Warm gray, blue or earth tones would also work well for enhancing focus and energy levels.

Ideal Lighting

Lighting decisions in your office are key to avoiding eye strain and ensuring ideal concentration. Avoid fluorescent lighting and instead, use a warm-toned LED or daylight bulb. Of course, real daylight is always best, so if your office has windows, take full advantage of natural lighting during the day. Open a window during nice weather to facilitate air circulation within the room.

Add Some Greenery

clean office desk with small succulent plantPlants can improve the feng shui in a space dramatically. They also help to offset the harsher energies of your computer and the potential stresses associated with your work. The plants most closely associated with wealth, prosperity and success include jade, bamboo, peace lily, and succulents.

Pay Attention to Symbols

Select art and accessories for your office with imagery that inspires and symbolizes success for you.

Your Career Area

The northern wall in a room is associated with career success, so give special consideration to what is placed in this area. Stimulating colors or a special piece of art can help to energize this area and bring auspicious circumstances your way.

Enhance Wealth and Prosperity

The southeast corner of a room or desk is associated with wealth and abundance. Again, carefully choosing what is placed here can help with energizing your income level and increasing positive opportunities.

Stay Organized

Lastly, keeping your office organized is essential to minimizing clutter. A proven home storage system company like Closet & Storage Concepts can help with designing an ideal office storage system to meet your needs.

The atmosphere of a space can make all the difference while spending time there. Use these essential Feng Shui tips to create an office environment you’ll truly love. Get started on your office project by finding an expert near you

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