Creating and Organizing a Home Gym

Creating and Organizing a Home Gym

From health benefits to just having fun, people hit the gym to work out with a range of equipment such as rowing machines, exercise bikes, and stability balls. Yet getting a gym membership or driving may not always be ideal. Home gyms provide the perfect solution where people can get a workout without having to travel. 

Besides choosing the right room and what gym equipment to purchase, don’t forget the other essentials. The right organization and storage solutions will help prevent accidents and make room for jump ropes, dumbbells, and extra towels.

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Storage for Multipurpose Rooms

Many home gyms do double duty as a living room, bedroom, guest room, or office space. If this is your plan, consider using multipurpose furniture that acts as additional storage. A sitting bench that has a lid where you can store shoes and small gym items such as grippers and ankle weights can keep gym equipment out of sight until it’s needed. You could also use ottomans to store smaller items while having the ottomans match the furniture in the room. Murphy beds are great space-saving storage solutions if you still want to have a bed for guests without giving up floor space for your home gym.

Cabinets and Closets for Clean and Tidy Gyms

custom reach-in closet system for gym equipmentIn addition to storing gym equipment, consider keeping items such as towels, workout shoes, gym clothes, workout videos, and disinfectant wipes on hand. Cabinets and closets with doors allow you to store items in a centralized place. If storing cleaning solutions when there are small children about, make sure they are out of reach. A home storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts can help you design and install the perfect amount of storage to fit your space.

Shelves and Racks for Lighter Equipment

In addition to bulky and heavy equipment, you may also have smaller items such as resistance bands, weighted jump ropes, and muscle rollers. When you don’t have a lot of room for a closet or cabinet, consider using wall storage. Slat walls and pegboards are perfect for keeping resistance bands off the floor and keeping other equipment stowed away. They’ll always be available for use!

Keep Home Gym Rooms Organized and Safe

A home gym can easily become cluttered with equipment. A cluttered gym room can pose a danger when stepping over and around items, or when leaving equipment out where children may drop something heavy on their feet. With proper storage, your new gym space will be organized, clutter-free, and safe. Contact a local storage designer to help you create storage solutions that smartly organize your space today!

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