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Easy Storage for Winter Sports Equipment

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clean winter sports gear on concrete floor

Unlike other people who hibernate indoors when the temperature drops, you love seeing the snow and getting out into the cold. You open the curtains, strap the skis and snowboard onto the car rack, and head out to the mountains to hit the slopes. The next day, you may take the kids to the ice skating rink, or go on an easy trail for snowshoeing.

When getting back home, you’ll have lots of winter gear and clothing soaked with sweat, snow, ice, and mud that you don’t want tracking throughout your house. These simple storage solutions can allow you to enjoy your sport more often without worrying about broken gear or cleaning up your house after your adventure. clean winter sports gear on concrete floor

Garage Storage Ideas

Garages are great places for large and bulky winter sports gear such as snowshoes, snowboards, and skis. Some best practices include:

  • Place items away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent deterioration. 
  • If you can, keep the garage climate controlled to prevent rust from developing on the metal edges of skis.
  • Avoid storing wet gear in bags that can trap moisture inside.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry all your equipment.

Then, consider built-in cabinet storage that allows items to be stored upright against walls. Doors can hide and protect your winter sports equipment. Custom garage storage companies such as Closet & Storage Concepts help design the storage systems that will accommodate the size and length of your items. 

Basement Storage Organizations

If you don’t have a garage, consider storing large sports equipment in basement spaces. Designate a space in the basement to prevent boxes and containers from becoming damaged by moisture.

For smaller pieces of gear such as ski, snowmobile, and snowboard boots, add a shoe rack to the space. Place the shoe rack in an area that will help them dry out fast. Keep in mind that you’ll want to use durable materials for your storage. Some untreated woods, for example, can be prone to moisture damage. built-in garage cabinets Closet & Storage Concepts

Entryway and Mudroom Storage Tips

Entryways and mudrooms often hold the smaller equipment and winter gear so you can quickly grab the items and go. You may stow snow pants, jackets, winter boots, and even ice skates there. Having a custom storage closet allows you to design it so that the closet works best based on your lifestyle.

Tall storage spaces can hang snow-covered clothing while cubby shelves can hold gloves, mittens, hats, and scarves. If you are storing ice skates, place them securely on hooks or inside small baskets and bins so they are not on the floor. And always put guards on them!

Start Your Project

Keeping your equipment safe and dry can reduce the amount of maintenance you have to perform to keep your gear in good shape. Contact our local design experts who can help design the right custom storage furnishings to fit your equipment and tastes!

Photo credits: Sports Equipment Flatlay ©iStock/ Zolnierek. All others © Closet & Storage Concepts.

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