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Considering Storage Space When Building Home Additions

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elegant white walk-in custom closet design

When you are looking for a forever home, you can’t just think about the present. There are so many life events that can change. You may have a new baby, or maybe you may want your elderly parents to move in with you to be closer to them. A house can quickly become cramped with any change, and you may be looking to expand your home’s square footage. When deciding on a type of addition to build, it’s also important to keep storage in mind for all of your items. This will help you maximize your space. Consider these ideas.

elegant white walk-in custom closet design

Walk-In Storage for Existing Spaces

Building out existing spaces in your home can help you keep your investment low. It is also usually the easiest way to get more storage space. Consider walk-in closets with built-in storage to provide the most organizational options. You can add in custom shelves, drawers, shoe racks, cubbies, and other storage possibilities. Your design options are limitless, and you can even add a center island for clothing accessories or bench seating when getting dressed. A home storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts can provide a custom design that works with your new space.

Going Custom When Building Up

If you don’t have the option to build out from your home, another option is to build up by adding another floor or half floor. When building an addition to the top of your house, you have to take into account the building’s architectural style and the pitch of the roof, which can create sloped ceilings and odd angles for walls. For these types of spaces, choosing built-ins is a smart way to increase storage capacity and take advantage of any nooks and crannies.

Multifunctional Storage for Bump Out Additions

Also called a micro-addition, a bump out is designed to add more space onto an existing part of a house. Extending your home by an additional 10 feet to 15 feet can create a whole new nursery or guest room. For these smaller rooms, consider adding multifunctional furniture, such as ottomans and tables, with hidden storage cubbies.

two wall beds in contemporary living space

A quick and simple solution to add more space to any room is to use a wall bed. A wall bed can include shelves and drawers on the sides to provide a place to show off possessions for even more functionality. When the bed is stored inside the cabinet, you have extra floor space to use during the day.

Any addition should provide the space you need no matter how much your life changes. Let our design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts provide you with ideas on how to add storage furnishings into your addition that will hold all of your possessions. Find a local expert near you.

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