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Create the Perfect Shared Craft and Hobby Space

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organized multipurpose craft room cabinets
organized multipurpose craft room cabinets

Crafting is often seen as a therapeutic experience: you are doing something that you love during your free time. In many homes, a craft or hobby room is shared with kids and spouses. This can lead to frustration as items can get mixed together, get misplaced, or even be forgotten about. When it comes to multi-purpose and shared spaces, keeping everything separated and neat is important. Here are some ideas to implement.

Designate Craft and Hobby Zones

One quick way to organize a shared craft space is to have certain areas strictly for specific hobbies. You may have a table with a lamp where your child can make their scale model airplanes, while your spouse can stand near the window for their paintings. Once each person has a designated space for themselves, it will cut down on the number of craft items that get jumbled together.

Customized Storage Solutions for Craft Items

From small sewing spools for quilting projects to large canvases that your partner needs for their art projects, craft items come in many sizes and shapes. Customized storage can help keep clutter from piling up on tables, underneath workbenches, or against walls. A wall unit can be made to include the right shelf sizes and bins to hold small craft things and large bulky items. A home storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts can help create custom wall unit designs that will complement your space.

Storing Fabrics and Linens

Some craft items, such as paints and glue guns, can leave a mess behind on tables and other craft projects. Consider adding closet storage to hold painting smocks, towels, clean rags, work aprons, and tablecloths. Then everyone can get the items they need to keep their hobby spaces tidy as well as prevent dirt and grime from getting on clothing.

Also, don’t forget to have a place where dirty tablecloths and aprons can go into after a craft project is completed. Having a laundry basket stowed inside a storage cabinet allows you to hide the dirty linens away until it is time to do the laundry. You can also prevent the dirt, paint, glue, and other grime from spreading to other clothing items by washing these items separately.

Make Your Shared Spaces More Functional

You can make your spare room into a multi-purpose hobby room that everyone can use for their specific projects. Use these storage and organization tips to keep the room tidy so everyone has space where they can let their creativity and imagination flow out into their craft projects. Get started with a local Closet & Storage Concepts designer near you.

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