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4 Ways To Help Organize Your Child’s Desk

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young child studying at organized desk

Your office isn’t the only place that can experience better organization by choosing the right products from Closet & Storage Concepts. Using the following tips and products can help kids keep their desks organized which can increase their productivity and make it easier for them to stay focused and achieve their goals.  young child studying at organized desk

1. Clear Clutter

The first step is to reduce the clutter that your child has to keep up with. Together, go through the items that are on their desk and determine what needs to stay, what can be put away, and what can be disposed of. To limit art projects that you keep, take pictures of all their projects and let your child pick out a few beloved ones to keep and display. 

2. Organize 

Does your child need graph paper for a math project that’s due next month, but not right now? Are there books that they’ll need next semester that are taking up crucial desk space? What about all those art projects that are dripping off their desk and taking up space on the floor? Decide on a logical place for items that are needed now as well as in the next few months. We recommend organizing by deadlines or subject to start. 

3. Designate a Place for Everything

Here’s where it becomes apparent if your child’s current organizational system simply isn’t working. If there aren’t sufficient places for everything that is needed, then it’s a good idea to get creative with customized office storage. A bookshelf with different sized cubby spaces could be the solution to make it easier for your child to keep track of the different items he or she needs for various school projects. For other books and art supplies, it might make sense to incorporate a closet organizer. Creating designated areas will make it easier for kids to keep their rooms tidy.

4. Determine the Ideal Solutions

Take a critical look at your child’s current desk. Was it a hand-me-down that worked well when they were younger? Maybe they have outgrown their desk. Does it lack the space that your child needs to be well organized? When deciding on the ideal solutions for keeping your child’s desk organized, don’t forget to think ahead too. Will your child need space for a laptop, slots for papers and a bookshelf in order to meet his or her upcoming school needs? Plan ahead and create a place that helps your kids do their best.

Consulting with Closet & Storage Concepts is the ideal way to discover innovative ways that are sure to keep your kids’ desks organized and functional. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our local organizational experts.

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