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What Digital Organizing Can Teach Us In Our Home Offices

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clean organized modern desk home office

In today’s hectic digital world, we rely on certain methods and systems to organize our digital footprints. It is often easier to manage your digital life: after all, you can move a thousand digital files in the time it might take to sort through a single physical file. With the right strategies and little perseverance, you can take the lessons from digital organization and apply them to your home office. clean organized modern desk home office

Lesson #1: Keep Everything Properly Categorized

Take a look at your phone. Many people group apps together by type: social media, work-related, fitness and health, and entertainment and streaming. You can do the same thing in your physical office space, by creating specific areas within your office for different tasks. Have a single place for tasks like reading, filing, printing, and work. This will keep supplies tidy and streamlined.

Lesson #2: Sort Based on Frequency of Use

If there are things that you rarely use, store them in a cabinet or along the top of a shelf. On the other hand, if there are tools in your office that you’re constantly utilizing you want to keep them as close as possible. Files should follow a similar system.

Lesson #3: Archive Things That You No Longer Need

For documents that you can’t discard yet (such as tax documents), consider archiving them by putting them into a storage area. Create a system to keep track of archived items. When the time comes to remove them, you don’t want to have to hunt them down. Regularly going through archived items will keep your home office tidy.

Lesson #4: Flag Things That Are a Priority

With emails, you can just click on a flag to mark priority items. In real life, you may need to create an inbox system that handles all of the most important things in your life. An inbox system will give you a visible priority tray, and it can be categorized based on the level of priority or different types of task. 

Connect with a Home Organization Specialist

While organizing your digital life can undoubtedly improve your life, it’s no substitute for physical home organization. At Closet & Storage Concepts we want to help our clients Make Room for Life®. This means finding smart ways to deal with documents, clothes, and other items to improve productivity and functionality. For more information about how to organize and maintain your home, connect with a local home organization specialist.

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