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Where To Store Luggage

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luggage in a maple custom closet system

The Best Places To Store Luggage For Busy Travelers!

luggage in a maple custom closet systemAll throughout summer, people will be going on vacations with their kids before school starts and business travelers will be taking trips to far-off destinations. Yet when the plane lands and you get home, you have to deal with all the luggage. Use these luggage storage solutions so you have the perfect place to store your bags to keep them clean, dry, and ready for the next adventure. Find the perfect places to store your travel companions.

Closet Hideaway Cabinet Spaces

Usually, a duffel bag, suitcase, rolling luggage, or carry-on bag gets shoved wherever it fits in a bedroom such as underneath your bed. While it saves space if you have a high enough bed frame, the area under the bed seldom gets the thorough vacuuming and cleaning as other areas on a regular basis. So when you pull out your luggage, it will be covered in dust.

Instead, place the luggage in a cool and dry place inside a custom closet. You can create a cabinet space with a door to keep the dust at bay, and adjustable shelves can accommodate luggage of varying sizes. While it may seem like a good idea to store luggage up high out of the way, keep in mind that circulation in a closed closet space can mean that heat is trapped towards the top. This is a less than ideal spot for leather luggage and duffel bags. 

Hall/Linen Closet Wall Storage

Hallway closets and linen closets are another fantastic place to store luggage. However, luggage can become damaged or compressed behind storage containers, vacuums, and other items. If you have extra wall space, sturdy pegs and hooks can help store carry on bags. This frees up floor space for your storage boxes and cleaning devices while still making the luggage accessible. A custom home storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts can help maximize the space in your linen closet or hall closet.

Garage Storage

You may also consider storing your luggage in the garage. To prevent moisture and mildew from ruining the bags, store them off the floor. Garage cabinets can easily hold large luggage items such as duffel bags and wheeled hard suitcases. An enclosed cabinet is ideal to keep the luggage clean and out of the way.

When storing your luggage, select the right spot based on your traveling habits. Place bags closer to where you pack if you travel frequently. If you only go on occasional trips, put the luggage further back in closets and cabinets. Then you can pull out the bags without having to constantly clean the items before packing in your clothes. Make your closets more organized and Make Room for Life® – contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts designer for a free, in-home estimate.