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Creative Home Office Desks and Workspace Ideas

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custom wall office cabinets in a small space

Transform your living or dining room into a productive place for work

Do you work from home? You aren’t alone. People across the country are becoming part of a booming telecommuter environment. When trying to find a place to work, you may not have an extra room to turn into an office. Instead, your living room or dining room table may become the center of your workspace. It can be tough to create a productive work environment while maintaining flexibility when it’s time for your family to come around the dinner table. Consider the following design ideas. custom wall office cabinets in a small space

Transition from Dining Tables to Wall Desks

The reason you may use the dining room table or coffee table as an office workspace is to have enough dedicated space for folders, documents, and mobile devices. Reclaim and reserve your table for meals and instead use wall space for your home office desk area. A custom-built wall unit can provide shelves where you can store books, folders, and binders. You’ll also have a dedicated area that is solely dedicated to working.

If you are turning your living room into a multifunctional space, an entertainment center is a perfect place to act as a work desk. You may want to use your TV as a computer monitor. Having a custom entertainment center allows you to position the TV at the right angle to hook up cables so you can have a single display or multiple displays to surf the web or work on documents.

Hideaway Workspaces in Living Rooms

Have a small utility closet near your living room? Use these closets to turn your living room into a multifunctional office area with custom shelving. You can have drawers built towards the ground to keep documents and files securely locked away, and a sturdy tabletop installed above it for a laptop and monitor. On either side of the monitor, custom shelves can still hold pantry and utility items along with extra paper and other home office items.

When you are ready to work, just open the closet door and pull up a chair. Then you can hide your office away and transform the space back into a living room when guests visit your home. A custom closet organization expert at Closet & Storage Concepts can help you find unique design approaches to help you maximize space.

Creating multifunctional rooms for both work and day-to-day life can be accomplished by investing in the right organizing and storage solutions. Instead of using up a living area to create a workspace, consider customized wall units, entertainment cabinets, and custom closets to hold your technology, work files and binders. Let a local designer help you with your project. Contact us to schedule a complimentary in-home design estimate!

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