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The ABCs of Playroom Organization

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built-in playroom cubby organizer

It’s amazing what a little clutter can do to make a room look messy. Every time your kids pull out their toys, it immediately turns into chaos. But there are things that you can do to make your playroom a little more manageable. 

built-in playroom cubby organizer

Aim for “Kid-Friendly”

Often, kids find it difficult to put away toys because the playroom isn’t designed for them. Make sure they can reach and open storage systems easily and place labels at their height. The easier you make it for them to put away their toys, the more likely they will be to do it. Consider large, easy-to-open bins, rather than cumbersome storage systems.

Build Good Habits

Take some time to clean up your children’s toys with them as part of the day. This will foster good habits, as they’ll learn to put their toys away when they’re done with them. By doing it with them, you can show them the right away to put things away, and emphasize that cleaning up is fun, too. Otherwise, cleaning up can feel like a punishment of play.

Categorize Your Cubbies

Built-in cubby storage is perfect for organizing a playroom. Use cubbies to categorize items or designate a cubby for each child. Color-coding bins can also make it easier to put toys away. Check out built-in storage options from Closet & Storage Concepts.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

There will be times when a few toys are out. It’s fine for a home to look lived in without looking dirty. Understand that sometimes your children are going to leave things out, and sometimes they aren’t going to organize things correctly. If you want to be a stickler for perfection, you may find yourself just discouraging your children from trying at all.

Encourage Kids to Think of Cleaning as a Game

“Let’s find all the blue toys,” or “let’s find all the puzzle toys.” By making cleaning a game, you can make it even more fun  — and show your children ways of managing difficult tasks. It can be overwhelming to ask children to clean an entire room, but having them clean in discrete steps will make the process a lot faster, easier, and more fun.

Find Hidden Storage Opportunities

Benches, walls, and cabinets provide excellent storage opportunities. Anyplace that isn’t being used can be used for hidden storage. Playrooms often become unwieldy because there’s just so much to store. Built-in storage will give you many storage options that fit for you and your family.

Contact Your Local Experts

Once the appropriate habits have been built up, you should have a well-organized and attractive playroom. Get a well-organized playroom with the help of Closet & Storage Concepts. You’ll be amazed how much easier it makes it for your kids to enjoy their space and for you to enjoy your time with them. Find a local team near you!

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