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Maximizing Corner Areas With Storage

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wall bed with custom office desk corner unit

Everyone has that one awkward corner in a room. You know the one: the one that seems to be doing nothing. Maybe you put an end table or a piece of decor in place, but you know it could be far more useful. So, what can you do with that awkward corner area? Keep reading for tips from the Closet & Storage Concepts team! 

wall bed with custom office desk corner unit

Convert It Into Filing & Storage

Got a home office? Then you always need more storage. Even if you store your documents digitally, a storage cabinet is perfect for storing office supplies. Built-in home office cabinets fit neatly into a corner, keeping files and supplies out-of-the-way but still accessible when you need them.

Break Out the Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are a great way to use space in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Strong and supported shelving units are perfect for things like electronics, books, and decor. Corner shelves can also keep vases and delicate items tucked away but still on view.

Put In Something That Slides Out

In a small space, choose a wall-mounted desk. The desk can fold up into a wall cabinet when you’re not using it, but fold down when it is in use. A small space can even be big enough for a Murphy bed or other pull-down feature. By placing it in a corner, you can avoid disrupting the flow of the rest of the room. When stored upright, you’ll still have full use of the room.

Use Tower Storage

Tall tower-like shelving storage can be a way to store a significant amount of things at once. Imagine a large shelving system that ascends from the floor to the ceiling. Place a few little cubby boxes into your storage system, and you can place things out of the way. Rather than having to keep everything visible and well-organized, you can tuck things away into those bins.

Drink and Food Stations

Specialized cabinets, shelves, and racks specifically designed for corners can help you transform your space. Use them to hold appliances, store cutlery, and even organize spices. In other areas of the house, stations can even be designed and installed to store things like wine and alcohol. Keep these items in an accessible corner, and you’ll find yourself using that corner more than ever. 

There’s always room for storage, no matter the size or shape of the space. If you’re struggling to manage your current storage options, it may be time to contact a professional. Closet & Storage Concepts can help you explore your options. We specialized in full-service custom storage solutions built around your life. Connect with your local design team for a free in-home estimate!

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