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Multipurpose Basement Storage Tips

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bright modern open basement

Basements provide a great opportunity to create a multipurpose space in your home. They can be used as a laundry room, home theater, game room, den, and gym. It can be a hassle trying to keep gym equipment from blocking your TV, or from clean laundry from being spread out through the game room. But you need your basement to do it all. Here are some storage tips to help organize your items and keep them separated in shared basement spaces from Closet & Storage Concepts.

bright modern open basement

Decide What Is Needed

Although you may need your basement to fulfill a specific purpose, you don’t have to keep every item you own down there. For example, you may use the basement as a gym room, but you don’t have to store your gym clothes and shoes in the space. If you use your basement as a den or home theater, some systems, gaming consoles, or movies may be better off being stored in the living room or a different area of your home.

By deciding what you really need for your multipurpose basement, and what items can be stored in other rooms, this strategy allows you to free up more space. Then you can decide on the best storage methods to fit your lifestyle.

Pick a Single Location for Storage for Each Activity

Many basements are usually one big open room where you can move from one area to the next. You don’t want storage to block pathways unless you deliberately want to create false walls to provide a bit more privacy in a designated area. Instead, pick one location in each zone to house the items you need. custom reach-in closet system for gym equipment

Wall units and organizers are the perfect answer for entertainment rooms, dens, and game rooms. You can keep the television in the center, while shelves and drawers can house DVDs, CDs, and video game consoles. For laundry rooms, hanging rods with a workbench, an in-set ironing board, and lower cabinets can keep laundry detergents and other items clean and dry.

When organizing a gym, consider storage cabinets, benches with hidden storage, and slat wall or pegboards. You can store items away safely or hang them on the slat wall for instant access. A home organization expert such as Closet & Storage Concepts can help you figure out the right storage solutions based on the size of your basement.

Create a Multipurpose Area in Your Home

When sharing a basement with other members of the family, you shouldn’t have to hunt for the items you need for your favorite activities, especially when using it as a multipurpose space. Create storage solutions that work in each activity zone so you have the important items within arm’s reach. Reach out to your local space-saving storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts today!

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