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Make Meal Prep Easy with a Custom Kitchen Pantry

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Custom kitchen pantry storage meal prep

Custom kitchen pantry storage meal prep

With the new year approaching, achieving the resolution of eating healthier can be made easy with a kitchen pantry that is built with meal preparation in mind. Maximizing your pantry storage to create more opportunities for organization and accessibility when you’re in a rush ensures that you will eat healthy, budget-friendly foods from home. Read on to learn how pantries can be designed with meal prep in mind.

Shelf Size Variety

While it is beneficial to install deep shelves, mixing it up with a few shallow shelves makes it easier to visualize all the ingredients you have and prevent food from becoming expired due to being hidden. In order to keep deep space useful, consider getting metal roll-out baskets installed for extra dexterity when roaming through products. An additional good habit to consider is to keep older food at the front of your shelves to motivate you to use it sooner.

Pantry Accessories

Investing in clear storage containers with airtight lids keeps your pantry spotless while ensuring ingredients, such as cereals, spices, and baking products, stay fresh. You can further organize these containers with labels and different custom-made drawers meant to categorize your containers.

Second Refrigerator

Dedicating an area of your pantry for a small, second refrigerator can be helpful to stock refrigerated ingredients and completed meals when doing meal prep for dinner parties, a full work week, or school lunches. Not only is the extra space helpful when the kitchen fridge is full, it’s also convenient for people to quickly grab their lunch or snack from before heading to school or work.

custom kitchen pantry meal prep storage

Customized Pantry Stations

In the case of large walk-in pantries, use counter space to design and create small stations dedicated to individual cooking tasks. These stations can be sectioned off by categories like baking, coffee station, school lunches, fruit and vegetable prep, and smoothie area.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Pantry

Achieve your health goals in 2020 and beyond with a custom-designed pantry. Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts to receive a free, in-home design consultation and estimate. Trusted throughout North America for more than 30 years!

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