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3 Shelving Storage and Styling Tips

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bookshelf murphy bed in white wood styled shelving

As technology advances, many items we once stored are now considered collectible or vintage. Printed books are on the way out. Many people no longer strive to own a massive collection of records, tapes, or even CDs. Even video games and computer software have gone digital. Even in a digital world, custom bookshelves are great storage workhorses. Even if you no longer have as many books or collections, consider these wonderful storage and styling ideas.

bookshelf murphy bed in white wood styled shelving

Three Ways to Use and Style Custom Wall Units and Shelves

  1. A gallery of memories. Bookshelves have morphed into today’s curio cabinets. A great way of transforming a bare bookcase into something a little more useful is by filling the shelves with items that remind you of who you are and where you come from. Don’t restrict yourself to just displaying a few photos. Consider choosing items that have real meaning for you, perhaps childhood toys or old trophies. Besides reminiscing about your past, these mementos are can show off your personality and accomplishments.
  2. A living room garden. Add a bit of color with flowers or even try your hand at growing a few of your favorite culinary herbs by converting your bookcase into a small garden center. Greenhouses and home extensions are large remodeling projects that can take months and a hefty investment. Designing storage and custom shelving with Closet & Storage Concepts is easy! Our 3D software will show you renderings of your project before you commit. Incorporate a small LED grow light, decorative drip trays to contain spills, and get growing. Specialized herb growing kits now make it even easier to grow a small garden with smart technology. 
  3. A charging station. The pile of electric devices we own is growing. In fact, one recent study estimates that some American homes have as many as 11 mobile devices! One of the biggest problems with digital devices is they all need recharging, and usually all at the same time! Instead of trying to find a spare plug for each of your electronics, why not create a dedicated charging station within your wall units. Our designers can work around outlets to help conceal unsightly cables and cords for all of your devices including the TV.

wall bed cabinetry storage for games

Have More Questions?

With so many wonderful options for styling and using your bookshelves and custom wall units, you may find that you don’t have enough space to try all of these ideas! For unique solutions to your storage problems, find a Closet & Storage Concepts location near you. We have more than 30 years of experience in the custom closet and furniture building industry. We specialize in helping our customers Make Room for Life®!

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