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Closet Design for Curved and Oddly Shaped Closets

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traditional custom wood closet angular layout

Closets can come in all shapes and sizes: shallow, rectangular, deep, and square. While some homes tend to have standard closet dimensions, there are plenty of homes that have unique architectural features. Older home may often have sloped roofs and angular closet spaces, while newer modern homes could have curved interior walls. When a closet is oddly shaped, it brings unique challenges on how to place shelving, rods, drawers and other types of clothing organizers.

How you arrange the space will depend on its unique features. Here are several tips to get creative with curved or oddly shaped closet walls.

his and hers walk-in custom closet

Hanging Shelves and Hooks

Use a mix of shelves and hooks along a wall to maximize space in addition to large closet zones. Ornate knob hooks can transform a wall into an elegant display where you can hang dresses, suits and other formal attire. Hooks and shelves are also a great place for your smaller accessories, such as ties, belts, jewelry, and shoes.

Select Smaller Organizers and Rods

Larger furniture sections such as drawers or cabinets can be difficult to place along a curved or angular wall. Using smaller sections can help you work around any design constraints without creating a lot of empty, wasted storage space. Fill in any gaps with organizers such as a lazy susan or small dividers. 

To maximize hanging areas, stagger shorter hanging rods instead of trying to use one long piece. To add visual drama, you coul add mirrors along certain sections to help make your closet feel larger.

traditional custom wood closet angular layout

Go Custom-Made

The simplest and easiest way to make the most out of your closet is to go custom. Standard, bulky store-bought organizers and shelving units are not made to fit your unique needs. They will leave a gap and waste space in your closet. Customizing your shelves will allow you to place them in an efficient manner based on the specific dimensions of your space. If you are looking to take on the project but don’t know where the start, a home closet manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts can provide design ideas tailored to your closet’s specific dimensions. Our professionals will ensure that your closet is completed right the first time, and reduce headaches!

Stat Your Project

When taking on an oddly shaped closet, sit down and consider your storage options. You want to select organizers and systems that provide the right amount of storage without taking up a lot of square footage so you can move around and access other things in the closet. For more tips, speak with our design experts. Find your local Closet & Storage Concepts location here.

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