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Closet Design: Adding Natural Light To Your Closet

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luxurious custom closet dressing room with natural light

When it comes to closets, lighting is an important feature that is often overlooked. Having enough light allows you to better locate items and can brighten a dark and dreary space.

When it comes to closet design, artificial lights are popular as they can add brightness without damaging delicate fabrics such as leather. Using artificial lights will also not fade colors on clothing, which can be a problem with natural sunlight. However, sunlight can be more energizing and natural than light from cabinet lights, lamps, or chandeliers. If you’re looking to add natural light in your closet, consider these tips. luxurious custom closet dressing room with natural light

Consider How Sunlight Will Enter

The direction and position of the closet in your home will dictate how much direct sunlight will beam onto your clothes. Southern and eastern windows will have brighter sunlight during the morning and peak noon hours. Western windows will have a lower level of sunlight during the late afternoon while northern windows will have the least amount of direct sunlight. Arrange your closet so delicate clothes and accessories will encounter the least amount of sunlight based on the windows in your home. For example, if the window is on the eastern side of your house, ensure that your clothes are not facing the direct path of the sun’s light. Gauzy curtains can also help prevent damage to your clothes without blocking the sun out.

Use Closet Cabinet Doors

Instead of open storage organization shelves, consider using cabinets to block the sunlight from streaming on your clothes and fading them. Add on mirrored doors or tinted glass inserts can help reflect natural sunlight while protecting clothes. Also consider using lighter paint hues to brighten up your closet. A custom closet manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts can help you design a closet that takes advantage of natural light while protecting your clothing. We offer a variety of cabinet finishes, colors, and design options to create your dream closet. 

Place Skylights Carefully

Small skylights can also be a good solution for adding natural light. Work with a professional to ensure the skylight is installed and built correctly. An improperly installed skylight will leak when it rains or form condensation which can damage your home and clothes.

Add Vents to Lower Temperatures

Temperatures can rise from natural sunlight, especially during warm weather. This can create stress on certain fabrics or accessories. For better temperature and humidity control, consider proper air circulation and ventilation in your closet. . Ceiling fans and proper HVAC systems are ideal to protect clothing and ensure your closet is comfortable.

Use these tips to create a comfortable and bright space to store your clothing. Create you dream closet with Closet & Storage Concepts! Find a local expert near you.