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Jewelry Storage and Organization Tips

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jewelry storage and organization drawer

jewelry storage and organization drawer

Jewelry storage can be incredibly difficult to figure out and accomplish. The pieces are clunky, small, and tangle so easily that they become a greater hassle than expected. If you’re constantly untangling your necklaces or searching for an earring back, you may need to improve your jewelry storage system. Read on to discover functional and stylish tips on storing and organizing your jewelry from Closet & Storage Concepts experts.

Unscramble and Inspect

Before you can start to organize, gather your jewelry together in order to sort it all into separate piles. This is a great time to inspect each piece for damage and find items that may need to be repaired or polished. This is also a great opportunity to replace missing earring backs and throw out any extras you have that may be causing clutter.

Drawer Storage and Organization

Storing your pieces in a jewelry drawer will allow you to safely and neatly protect all your items. When pulled open, drawers display a perfect view of your jewelry collection. Drawers can be customized with organizers and dividers to certify that nothing will fall out of its place. It is best to use velvet drawer inserts to prevent any damage or scratches. These velvet inserts will also lessen the movement of your pieces when you open the drawer, supporting your necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces in a frictionless layer of fabric.

Countertop and Wall Storage

If you decide to store your jewelry on the countertop, consider using jewelry boxes or a freestanding accessory stand to make the best use out of this space. It’s best to use jewelry boxes that have organizers and divided compartments to keep earrings and other items separated. If you want to make use of wall space, consider a hanging organizer for your jewelry. For a hanging organizer, put the pieces you wear often on the top layer. A hanging organizer has multiple tiers that will expand your storage space and is a great way to keep pieces organized and accessible.

Fine Jewelry Storage

When storing your jewelry, take extra precaution when handling precious stones and other fine jewelry. These pieces may require special storage options as they may scratch easily or can become discolored by exposure to chemicals. Pieces with pearls, rubies, and diamonds are very vulnerable to damage. These pieces should be stored in the box they came in or in suede pouches.

Use these tips to create a flawless storage space for your jewelry. For custom jewelry drawers and expert assistance, contact Closet & Storage Concepts today!