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How to Store Accessories

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If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you know far too well how tricky it can be to store necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair pieces, and more! Oftentimes, accessories quickly clutter and it can be impossible to find what you’re looking for. There are several ways to store accessories so that they’re easily accessible while also being neatly tucked away. Our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts can work with you to customize your closet to perfectly store all of your accessories. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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With earrings, it’s important to have a neat organizational method in order to keep both pairs together. If you like to have your earrings displayed, consider putting them in a small decorative jewelry holder or hang them along a frame. For those who like a clean look, there are jewelry boxes that can easily organize all of your earrings and then simply put them away in a drawer or on a shelf. 



Bulkier items like hats can be stored neatly along a coat rack or in drawers. Align your hats vertically in drawers so that you can still visibly see every hat when you go to pick one out. Larger items that take up more room like sun hats can be hung on hooks. 



For scarves, you can choose to hang them along a decorative coat rack. You can also neatly fold them and store them into organizational drawer separators. Another option is to use coat hangers to neatly store and display them. 



Storing necklaces properly can prevent tangling and will save you time in the future. Avoid placing all of your necklaces in the same drawer or jewelry holder. Neatly hang each necklace with either hooks or a necklace holder. If you choose to store them in a drawer, lay out each necklace with enough space between them to avoid them from getting tangled. 


Get rid of jewelry clutter and finally be able to find what piece you’re looking for when it comes time to accessorize. When it’s time to revamp your closet, reach out to our team at Closet & Storage Concepts. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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