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Pegboard Storage In Your Home

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Garage storage system

A pegboard is a board covered in small holes that are used to install hooks, bins, and other storage options. Pegboards are great for keeping items organized because everything is stored in plain sight and easy to grab.

Check out our ideas below for using pegboard storage in different areas of your home. For more information about pegboards, contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts.


Pegboards are often used for storing tools above a workbench and all around the garage. Your pegboard can be made in all different sizes, so as long as you install sturdy hooks and holders, you can store heavy-duty tools like saws, drills, and shovels. Pegboards are also good for storing outdoor and sports gear. Again, you can store heavier items like bicycles if you use strong hooks.

Regardless of how you use your pegboard in the garage, you should figure out in advance what equipment and tools you want to store and where. That way, you can install hooks, bins, and shelves accordingly. You even create a visual organization guide by tracing many of your items with a permanent marker.


Add hooks of different sizes to a small pegboard in your mudroom for storing coats, bags, hats, keys, and other items you need to find quickly when it’s time to leave the house. Because you’ll change out which items you use from time to time, you shouldn’t try to assign each item to a hook the way you might in the garage. But you can create designated spots for each type of item to keep things organized.


Many people use pegboards in the kitchen for hanging pots, pans, cooking utensils, and oven mitts they use frequently. As in the garage, you can trace these items so each pot and utensil has a designated, easy-to-find spot on the pegboard.

Kid’s Room

Does your child struggle to stay organized or frequently lose things? A pegboard in their room might be the perfect solution because it keeps the items they use the most in plain sight. With hooks, you can store their backpack, sports bags, or jackets. You can also install small shelves and bins for storing school supplies and toys. Add labels to their pegboard as a reminder of where everything goes.

If you’re ready to add pegboard storage to your garage or another part of your home, reach out to your local Closet & Storage Concepts. Our expert team in your area will help you find the perfect storage solution for any room of the house. Schedule a free, in-home consultation today!