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Using Adjustable Shelving to Maximize Closet Space

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Closets play an important role in the functionality of the home. Changing seasons means the items we want to have easy access to, or pack away for later use, are always rotating. Having a closet that can adapt to your changing needs every day helps you stay organized. Being able to adjust your closet configuration means that no matter what new item you purchase or favorite piece you choose to display, your closet will have the perfect space available. Installing adjustable shelving in your closets gives you the freedom to maximize space and display your favorite items, no matter how those preferences might change!

How Can Adjustable Closets Optimize My Space?

Have you ever purchased new clothing or shoes, only to get home and realize your closet does not have the space to comfortably fit the item? With adjustable shelving, this issue solves itself. You can create a larger space between shelves for a favorite pair of boots, or add shelves to make room for new summer sandals. Adjustable shelving gives you the flexibility necessary to make room for everything.

Using Closet Accessories Wisely

Having an adjustable shelving system opens the door for more than moving shelves. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we have a wide range of closet accessories to help maximize your space. Options include valet rods, shoe racks, tie hooks, and many more. Adding these accessories is another way to optimize your storage space while fitting your closet to your life.

Matching Your Closet with How You Use It

The items we reach for every day change from month to month. The winter coat you grab daily in December is more likely a light jacket in April. The space those and many other seasonal items take in your closet is different. Adjusting your closet to keep your most used items front and center makes mornings a breeze. However you choose to organize your space, it must be tailored to your unique needs. Adjustable shelving is one of the options available that can help you create a storage space that fits and adapts to the changes in your life. Closet & Storage Concepts will work with you to create a space that is both beautiful and functional — perfectly curated for your life. Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts today for a free consultation!