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3 Areas to Organize For Back to School

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Mudroom or Entryway Storage System.

It may be hard to believe summer is coming to a close, but back to school season is upon us! Whether in person or online, the start of the school year can be both exciting and stressful. Getting the key areas in your life prepared will help both you and your kids have a smooth morning. Organize these 3 essential spots and rock back to school!

  1. Mudroom/Entryway

You may call it your Mudroom, Entryway, or hangers in your garage. Wherever your kid grabs their backpack and puts their shoes on, having an easy organization system will help them get ready and out the door in the morning. It can also help you keep track of items to prepare your kids for every day. Closet & Storage Solutions has custom systems for mudrooms and garages that can be designed to fit your family’s needs. 

An organized pantry makes mornings a breeze!
  1. Lunch and Snack Prep

Another aspect of going back to school is making sure you have snacks and lunch to send with your kids! One of the best ways to make this quick in the mornings is upgrading your pantry storage. Having a shelf or drawer set up with grab and go snacks helps your kiddo know what is their food to grab. If you pack your kids’ lunches for them, having everything set up can make morning lunch prep that much faster! Read more about custom pantry solutions here.

  1. Kid Closet Systems

One more area that can help keep your mornings moving smoothly is your kid’s closet. Whether you help them pick out an outfit or they do so themselves, having an organized closet will help them get ready quickly in the morning. Standard closets often only have hanging storage with a tall shelf on top, and depending on the age of your kids that may not be an accessible option for them. Closet & Storage Concepts can create an entirely custom closet to meet your family’s needs. With our adjustable shelving systems, you can create a closet that will grow up with your kids and be useful for many years to come.

Going back to school is exciting! After a year of most kids learning from home, schools opening safely and moving towards in person learning is an exciting prospect. Help yourself and your kids get back into that routine with effective storage and organization solutions. If you find your house could use updated built in storage systems, contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts today for a consultation! Make Room for Life®