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Decor Solutions For Every Season

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Organized garage storage system.

One of the best parts of fall and the holiday season is the decor! Little pumpkins become jack-o-lanterns, replaced by fall leaves then colorful Christmas lights. If you go all out with decor, moving between seasons can be a challenge. Follow these decor storage tips and tricks to make the next few months a beautifully decorated breeze!

Make Smart Decor Purchases

If you have ever walked into a decor store after September 1st, you know it can be dangerous for your wallet. Many stores are full of fun decorations, cute centerpieces, garlands, table runners, and do not get me started on all the mugs and candles! While you may be tempted to grab as many cute things as you can, a moment of thought can go a long way in making sure your home is not overrun with season specific decorations. When looking for pillows, try and buy just pillowcases of the same size. You can exchange the pillowcase whenever, and storing a few pillowcases is much easier than multiple full pillows. Buying decor that works for multiple seasons is also a space saver. For example, you may have a few season specific favorite mugs, but if you have a coffee bar you like to display them on, consider buying less specific and more neutral cups that can be put out multiple times during the year. Reversible signs also move through seasons easily and cut down on what you need to find storage space for.

Organized Storage Solutions

Once you have narrowed down the decor you actually want in your home, deciding how to store it is the next most important piece. Having effective storage solutions can make all the difference when it comes to taking your decorations out next year, and remembering what you have. Try using labels to keep track of what items are in which boxes. If you have a wishlist of decor to get, keep that list on a note in your phone so you don’t forget! Having good closet and garage storage can also make a difference in how much decor you can comfortably keep in your home. Garage shelves, adjustable closet storage, and more solutions can help keep your home organized through not just the holiday season, but the whole year.

Get ready for the holiday season with the right storage solutions. Contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts today and Make Room for Life.

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