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Give Your Garage a Makeover

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Open Garage Storage

Garages often become a catch-all storage room for the items we don’t want to deal with. So much so that we might not even be able to park our cars in them! It’s time to rethink how we approach garage storage and build a new system with a vision in mind. Whether you’re thinking of revamping your garage or you’re starting completely from scratch, we’ve laid out a couple of ideas below for those looking to make the most of their space.


It can be tough to find a place for your keepsakes. Sometimes you want a space you can show them off, but some things just aren’t meant for display. The garage is a great place to set up these belongings with intention. Rather than having these meaningful items strewn about the house or stuffed away in forgotten boxes, you can use a custom organizer to showcase some and tastefully store others.


Garages can easily be transformed into the workspace of your dreams. Workbenches don’t have to take up a ton of room to be effective either. Adding pegboard backing is a great way to make the most of what you’ve got. It acts as a highly accessible and convenient storage solution for those who hate to waste time searching for tools in drawers or bins. Slatwall storage is also great for this!

Slat Storage System

Sports Storage

Especially for families, some kind of sports storage is essential. Sports and outdoor equipment such as bikes and snow gear can take up a lot of space. Storage solutions like sports racks can get those bulkier items up off the ground and save you some floor space while making them part of the décor. Other wall hangers, cabinets, and shelving can help do the same with smaller equipment.

Make It Your Own

If you find you’re being pulled in multiple directions, know that a room can serve more than one function. In fact, with our custom design solutions, you can have all of the above in the same garage and still have an effective, organized space. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts today to schedule a FREE consultation and get moving on your next project!