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Storage Solutions For A Small Pantry

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Pantry Shelving Racks

The kitchen pantry is a notoriously cramped space—one you’ll likely need to dig through a couple of times on any given day. Between spices, canned goods, boxed meals, baking essentials, and many more kitchen staples, making every item fit effortlessly can seem like an impossible mission. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case! Read on to learn about key storage solutions that can help keep your kitchen pantry organized and effective.

Custom Shelving

Especially when dealing with bulkier items, some pantry designs just won’t work. Installing custom shelving is a great to way ensure you’re setting yourself up for success and creating a space that’s truly designed for efficiency. No more scrambling items around while you look for what you need, or precariously stacking pots and pans to fit in awkward spaces. With custom shelves, everything can have its place. Roll-out or pull-out shelves are often a great way to maximize available space while making the items you use most easily accessible.

Divvy Up Your Pantry Space

Take care to zone certain areas of the pantry for specific items or appliances. Designating sections of the pantry in this way will help keep you oriented in the pantry even in the case that things do get a little mixed up. You’ll always have at least a general idea of what should be where, which also means you’ll save on time and stress!


Your shelving is a bit like the foundation of your pantry. Everything, including how you choose to zone your pantry, operates around how your shelves are set up. But there are still many other ways to take advantage of a smaller pantry. Some of our favorite hacks for working with small spaces are hooks, bins, and magnetic wall racks. These accessories simplify the task of finding what you need and keep your pantry looking good at the same time.

Contact Closet & Storage Concepts For A Custom Storage Solution

No two kitchens are exactly alike. When comes to keeping an organized pantry, each of us have uniquely situated spaces to work with and bring our own set of issues to the table. Contact us today and let Closet & Storage Concepts build the pantry of your dreams with our custom-built storage solutions!