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Fun Design Ideas for the Modern Closet

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Not sure what to do with that closet of yours? When you have a walk-in closet, you want to make sure that the design is something you like and something functional. There are a variety of ways to design a walk-in closet, and a number of design features. With these design features, you can transform your closet into a room that benefits all facets of your life.

Closet Island

A closet island is a must-have design feature. It offers additional closet space, and can hold a variety of things such as clothes, jewelry, pajamas, and other garments. A closet island can also be utilized as a folding and packing space for laundry, as well as provides customized storage. A closet can so often become messy, but a closet island provides custom storage with a variety of different drawers and design options.

Makeup Table

Having a makeup table in your walk-in closet, or a getting-ready table, prevents the opportunity to create a mess in your bathroom and bedroom. By configuring your closet to have space for a makeup table, you are preventing clutter, and truly turning your closet into the perfect space to get ready in the mornings. Furthermore, a makeup table helps you organize your makeup and skincare products. There are a variety of vanity options; you can use a small dresser, a built-in vanity, or even a pull-out table if you’re aiming for more room in your closet.

Reading Nook

A reading nook or seating area is the perfect addition to your closet, as it provides a space to relax and wind down after a long day. A reading nook also provides extra storage, with shelving and the potential to add drawers beneath the bench. And don’t be afraid to get fun; incorporate soft materials, a chair, and books that you know you’ll enjoy reading. While a reading nook is an unconventional choice for a closet, take advantage of the extra vertical space by implementing a relaxing, fun design feature that you can make the centerpiece of your closet.

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