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Ways To Upgrade Your Pantry For Spring 2022

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Sometimes, you just don’t know what to do with your pantry, but know that you need to refresh the look. With these simple design tips, upgrading your pantry doesn’t have to be difficult, and you’ll discover that just by adding shelving, lighting, and drawers that you can easily upgrade your pantry.


Adding new shelving for your pantry is an easy way to organize, and also improves your view of your pantry items. Consider adding pull-out shelves, which is a fantastic way to view all of the items in your pantry without having to move other items out of the way. Furthermore, improved organizational products in addition with shelving goes a long way. Sliding shelves are another great shelving option for the pantry, as it increases storage space and physically “slide out.”


Adding lighting to your pantry improves your chances of seeing your pantry items, and also visually improves the appearance of your pantry. There are a variety of lights you can use for your pantry, such as motion sensors, LED lighting, undershelf lighting—the options are endless! LED light strips for your pantry shelves are an easy way to upgrade your lighting, while motion sensor lights are both convenient and discreet. Either way, lighting will visually make your pantry appear larger, as well as highlight those hard-to-access areas that you wouldn’t normally see in the dark.


In addition to installing new shelving, drawers are a great option for your pantry! They can be installed beneath your shelves, and are space-saving storage solution. Furthermore, drawers are an easy way to stay organized. You can also install drawers in your pantry cabinets as a means of organization and way to increase storage. Either way, your options for drawers are endless, as they are an easy way to save space and create a more organized pantry.

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