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Designing The Perfect Study Space For A Kid

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Kid studying at a desk

Getting kids to do their homework sometimes feels like an impossible task. With plenty of energy, many kids prefer to play then sit down. While it may feel like a challenge, there are ways to create an enjoyable and comfortable study space. Here is our guide to designing the perfect study space for a kid!

Choosing The Right Lighting

Everyone needs enough lighting to work, especially kids. Proper lighting reduces eye fatigue and headaches making it easier to concentrate on assignments. When designing a kids’ study space, think about how much natural lighting they are getting and if they need any additional lighting. Desk lamps can be a great alternative if there is not enough natural lighting for the space. If the study space is near a window, ensure that the outside view isn’t too distracting for a kid. Outside distractions are an easy way to lose concentration when working.


When designing a study space, decore can create a fun study environment. Using decorations that are personalized to your kid gives them a sense of ownership and meaning over the space. Kids will spend more time in their study space if they have a meaning for being there. Posters, toys, and books are all great ways to personalize their decor. Don’t overdo it though! Too many decorations can lead to a cluttered and distracting environment.

Have A Simplified Environment

An overly complicated work environment can be incredibly distracting for a kid. Create a workspace that only includes the essential items needed for assignments and some decorations to personalize the space. A simplified work environment will reduce the chance of kids getting distracted and increase the productivity of the environment. Having too many items in a study space creates an uncomfortable and cluttered workspace. 

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Getting a kid to study seems like an impossible challenge, but we are here to help! Closet & Storage Concepts offers a variety of solutions to create an ideal study space for a kid. Schedule a free consultation with one of our expert designers to get started. Our design team is happy to help you bring your visions to life!