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Garage Storage For Your Hobbies

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Garage with slatboard and workbench storage

For many people, the garage is a great place to work on hobbies. The open space allows you to have enough room to work on your projects. With this being stated, there needs to be enough storage in the garage for your equipment. Closet & Storage Concepts offers a variety of garage storage systems that will fit your needs. Here is our guide for garage storage!

Slatwall Storage

The slatwall system is one of our favorite storage solutions. This storage system may be easily customized with a variety of hooks, baskets, and shelves that can all be quickly attached and rearranged. With the versatility of this storage system, it can store equipment for any hobby. Whether you need it for sports equipment, tools, or just everyday objects, the slatwall system makes storage easy and convenient.


With the rise of do-it-yourselfers, workbenches are a great storage solution. By providing both a workspace and storage, a workbench is multi-functional. With a workbench, messy toolboxes and tool drawers are no more! We offer specialized workbenches that provide an array of different storage systems. Workbenches that include slat boards and tool racks are another great option to store all of your tools and equipment. 

Home Gym

Converting a garage into a home gym can be quite the challenge. With a variety of equipment, a variety of storage systems are needed to properly store your gear. Without the right storage systems, your equipment can easily be misplaced. Having a cluttered garage makes it difficult to find the equipment you need to workout. With our personalized designs, we can ensure that your home gym stays organized and doesn’t interrupt the flow of your workout.

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No matter what hobby you might have, there is a garage storage solution for everyone! Closet & Storage Concepts offers a variety of options to create the perfect storage systems. Schedule a free consultation with one of our expert designers to get started. Our design team is happy to help you bring your visions to life!