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3 Closet Accessories That Will Make Picking Out An Outfit Easier

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We’ve all been there. You wake up already thinking about the plans you have for the day and what you want to wear to tackle your errands, but you can’t find that one shirt you were thinking about wearing last night, and where’s that one black belt that you wear almost every day? At Closets & Storage Concepts, we have the perfect closet accessories to make picking out an outfit for the day easier and less stressful! Read below for three closet accessories you should add to your closet.

Belt and Tie Racks

Belts and ties are one of the most challenging articles of clothing to store neatly away. Usually, you opt for the coil method, but no matter how neat or tight you make those belt or tie coils, they typically unravel within the next couple of hours. You could even find an open space within your closet to lay your collection, but then you don’t have the optimal area to view every single color of tie or belt you own. The best option for you would be a belt and tie pullout rack.

Our pullout rack offers easy access storage on the side panel of your closet so that you can find what you need in one quick, easy motion (and no wrinkles in sight!). Plus, you can see all the items you hang up and have them on your body within seconds. If you are someone who doesn’t wear ties or doesn’t own a belt, you can still use a pullout rack for other outfit essentials that are
hard to store, like tank tops.

Jewelry Drawers

Another accessory that makes getting ready in the morning harder is jewelry. If you don’t have an organized jewelry drawer, you are typically spending 10 minutes of your morning routine unraveling necklaces from other items. With our organized jewelry drawers, you’ll have space to separate your necklaces from your rings and bracelets. This will allow you to quickly grab the jewelry item of your choice to put on, and at the end of the day, it has its own designated spot. Plus, when you pull out the drawer, you’ll be able to see all the jewelry you own. Skip the 10 stressful minutes in the morning slowly unknotting your jewelry and invest in one of our jewelry organizers.

Valet Rods

Valet rods are for people who like to lay out their outfits the night before but hate waking up a couple of minutes early to iron out their clothing. Valet rods allow your clothes to hang in front of your closet, ready for you the next day, unwrinkled, and easy to grab. No more rustling around your closet to find what you are looking for. Simply pull out the valet rod and hang up your clothing item of choice in front of the rest for an easy outfit change in the morning.

Are you ready to have an easier morning routine when choosing an outfit for the day? At Closet & Storage concepts, our experts are waiting to help make your closet more organized. Call today to schedule a free consultation!