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How To Organize A Shared Closet

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Closet & Storage Concepts

You finally moved into your dream house with your partner, but you’ve accumulated too many pieces of clothing to share one closet space. So, what do you do now? At Closet & Storage Concepts, we want to make it easy to organize any shared space within your home. Read below for tips on how to manage a shared closet space!

Sort Through Individual Pieces Of Clothing

Both you and your partner have accumulated pieces of clothing over the years that you wear but don’t necessarily need. You say you will wear them again but, deep down, you know you won’t. Well, now it’s time to pile your clothes up and individually go through them to figure out what style makes sense for this new chapter of life. Plus, having a partner you’ve been with over the years will make it easier to have someone really help you decide if you genuinely need that shirt you’ve kept for multiple years. If you have clothing items that you both can’t figure out if you want to get rid of them, go run an errand in an outfit picked out of those clothing items to see if you still like the overall feel and look on your body. 

Separate The Closet Space

Depending on how large your closet space is, it can be tricky to divide space between the both of you. Having a closet with only one rod across the entire width won’t necessarily offer you an optimal amount of space. As a solution our experts suggest dividing the closet down the center, so you each get an equal amount of space. Another way to split a singular rod closet would be to separate the rod into clothing sections with shirts on one side and pants on the other. This will also make it easier for clothes to go from the washer and dryer straight into the closet without the extra separation step. If neither of these options isn’t working for your shared closet space, you should look into getting double hangers. They help utilize the space at the bottom of closets that typically goes unused.

At Closet & Storage Concepts, we want to help you utilize all the space within your closet! Contact us today for a free consultation! Our experts are waiting to help you create the closet of your dreams!