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Three Areas You Need To Organize This Week

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Office Organization

Let’s face it– our lives get busy, and sometimes we can’t keep up with the clutter that comes along with it. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we want to help you get a jump start on cleaning and reorganizing your home. Read below for three areas you need to reorganize this week.

Junk Drawer

Everyone avoids cleaning out the junk drawer. It’s where everything vanishes when you don’t know where to put random, miscellaneous objects. This week, it’s finally time to take everything out of that drawer and organize it. Once everything is out in front of you, start putting items into similar groups. Put all of the USB chords and wall plugs in one place, the instruction packets you’ve thrown in the drawer in another pile, and let’s focus on getting those loose batteries together. An easy way to store these items without the drawer getting disorganized once again is to put them in plastic bags or small containers. These containers will keep everything completely organized and make it way easier to find exactly what you need. You can choose how to organize this drawer, but just remember the one rule of owning a junk drawer – never have more than one junk drawer in your household.

Work Space

Are you feeling foggy at work lately? Take a look around your workspace. You sit there for 8 hours a day, and when the clock strikes 5 o’clock, you get up and forget that the desk exists until the following day. But take a look at it now. There are likely papers everywhere, and the drawers are a mess of pens and other office necessities. 

A couple of steps you can take to make this room more organized is to buy a pack of hang file folders to separate your important papers from office notes and to use a couple of small plastic containers for all your other office supplies. We also recommend doing a quick wipe-down of your desk and objects that you touch every day. This might seem unnecessary, but cleaning all the bacteria off the items you touch every day will help you stay healthy! Plus, it’s been proven that having a clean workspace can help with productivity!


The third room in your house that you should clean this week is the pantry. Take everything out of the pantry and sort the items into similar food piles, like baking supplies grouped in one pile and chips or other snack foods in another. Once you have completed grouping your items together, start looking for expiration dates and throw out any items that have expired. This allows you to have an organized pantry and an updated grocery list for things you might not have thought were expired that you now need to get!

Are Your Ready To Have An Organized Space?

Take back your space by taking the time to clean these spots this weekend! At Closet & Storage Concepts, our experts are ready to help you find a storage solution for any room in your home. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!