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Three Simple Tips To Make Hosting Easier

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Smart TV Setup | Making Hosting Easy

Hosting can be stressful. When you invite a group of friends over for a party, there are many factors to consider such as comfortability, activities and food. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we want to make hosting easier by providing three simple tips. 

Preparing Ahead 

The nature of a large social gathering is unpredictable, ranging from a relaxing to raucous night depending on the group’s mood and energy levels. As a host, you need to prepare for each outcome. You can start by making lists of items necessary for the party. Besides food and drinks, it is important to consider the likelihoods of spillages or other accidents. As a result, keeping lots of toilet paper, garbage bags and paper towels on deck will be helpful. If you have trouble thinking of items for the party checklist, reflect on past experiences as a guest and think about the aspects that made your experience enjoyable. 

You can also make hosting easier by decluttering beforehand each night. Doing daily chores such as washing the dishes and picking up clothes off the ground will relieve the stress from pre-hosting cleaning. If you plan on hosting frequently, we always recommend having a strong storage system. Assess if your current storage units can hold your necessities efficiently. If not, you can request custom built-ins here

Having a Smart TV

While it is nice to have a pool table and an arcade, we recognize that many hosts do not have the real estate. Luckily, there are other ways to entertain your friends. A smart TV is effective due its versatility. Guests can use it for its streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu or ESPN. The smart TV also functions as a speaker for background music and a monitor for video games. Since you can use it on a daily basis and entertain others, a smart TV is a great purchase all-around. 

Wall Beds

Wall beds are the most efficient way to save space and maintain comfortability for overnight guests. Their thick, supportive mattresses make sleeping much easier compared to a couch or sofa bed. When guests are not sleeping, you can fold it up and use it as a storage unit and closet. Since wall beds are meant to be disguised as a regular wall when folded vertically, it will not downgrade the aesthetic of the room. You can learn more about wall beds here

Ready to Become a Host?

You are on your way towards becoming the perfect host. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts for a FREE consultation on transforming your place into the ultimate social setting.