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How to Help Your Kid Declutter

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One of the toughest challenges as a parent is convincing your children to declutter, specifically old toys or clothes. They may provide sentimental value as memories or positive feelings. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we have three tips to help encourage your kid to start ridding of their clutter. 


Decluttering can be saddening especially if those belongings go towards junk. As a result, you may want to introduce your kids to the concept of donating to reassure them that their items will continue providing value. Feel free to find charities or donation centers with interesting missions and have them choose the location.

At every stage of childhood, it is important to introduce them to personal finances. You can encourage them to take ownership of their own money by helping them sell items on Amazon or at garage sales. That way, they learn that it requires work to make money and start understanding aspects of adulthood such as negotiating and handling cash. 


The easiest way to clutter your space is outgrown clothes. It is important as a parent to understand your children’s growth rates and assess if they need new clothes on a regular basis. If you want to start keeping track of their outgrown clothing, dedicate some time to organizing clothing based on size. Parents typically use any existing bins for unwearable clothing and either donate or sell it at some point. Make sure to label each bin to stay organized. 

Organization Systems 

Teaching your children the importance of a cleaning routine can help build good long-term habits. We recommend being hands-on with them during the cleaning process so that they understand what organization looks like. Once they have a template, allow them to decide how they want to organize their rooms. As they start sorting and cleaning, they will start understanding how clutter can make this process more challenging. This might naturally motivate them to donate old belongings that are taking up unnecessary space. 

Need More Tips?

You are one step closer to helping your kids understand the benefits of decluttering. Remember to assess your current situation and use these tips accordingly. If you need any extra tips, contact Closet and Storage Concepts for a free consultation from our professionals.