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How To Revitalize Your Closet

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Do you feel excited about your closet? It’s a place we visit every day, where we store the clothes that we wear to express ourselves. Therefore, shouldn’t this area be a place that we enjoy being in and looking at? If you feel like your closet may be bland or has gotten stale, then we encourage you to follow our tips on how to revitalize this important space!

Switch Up The Wardrobe

You don’t have to buy new clothes to change up your wardrobe. In the closet, reorganization can work wonders. You probably have a certain way that your closet is set up. Shirts over here, pants in here, etcetera. Switching up where and how you organize your belongings can provide new life to the wardrobe and the closet.

As an example, you could color coordinate your T-shirts on one side, and organize sweaters and sweatshirts by material on another side. The goal is to give yourself a fresh perspective on your clothes, ultimately revitalizing the space and giving you something new to look at.

Pick A Theme

You want to build a closet you enjoy looking at every day. Depending on the size of your closet, you might have more or less to work with as far as a theme goes. But what do we mean by picking a theme? It means customizing and personalizing the colors and decorations of the closet.

A simple start is to coordinate your hangers with your furniture. This could mean making them the same color or choosing a color that compliments the style of clothing and/or furniture that you have in the closet. Then, start to coordinate the rest of your decorations with your chosen theme. Having a theme to go along with your closet can be the step to transforming it from a bland necessity to something you enjoy looking at and sorting through every day.


You will think less of your closet and the items inside of it if it has poor lighting. This is also your chance to get creative with it! A fancy chandelier at the top of a walk-in closet can improve the atmosphere. In smaller closet spaces, puck lighting at the tops of shelves and cabinets can drastically improve the visibility and ambiance. There are also light strips, light bars, fairy lights, lamps, motion sensors, and much more that you can choose from to light the closet in a way that you love.

Fit For You

We all have different amounts and styles of clothes, belts, shoes, accessories, and anything else you may keep in a closet. Therefore, you’ll want a closet that suits your wants and needs. Closet & Storage Concepts has storage designs and solutions that can be customized to fulfill the needs you have for your closet.

We invite you to contact us today to get in touch with the experts and receive advice on how to revitalize and transform your closet!