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Areas In Your Home To Organize For Guests This Week

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The holiday season is slowly but surely approaching. Maybe you have already begun preparing your family for a flurry of activities as guests arrive. But what about your home? Here are a few places in your home that could use some preparation for a loved one’s arrival.

Guest Bedroom

The obvious first place to start would be the place where your guest(s) will be staying: the bedroom. It is important to keep the space minimal yet accommodating, as their stay is short but they still need a place for their belongings. An area where they could store some of their items, such as a closet or even dresser drawers, would be beneficial for a welcoming stay. 

Living Room 

Next place would be the area where everyone gathers. Whether your family is watching a game or indulging in late night conversations with loved ones, having a clean and accessible space where everyone can be together is a must. Keeping extra blankets ready and cleaning and organizing items on a coffee table are a few things you can do to prepare your living room for guests. 


While this location may not be on the front of your mind, it could make an immense difference. The cold weather approaching coupled with loved ones entering and exiting your home can make this area an untidy location. Ways to equip this space for guests include establishing an area to keep dirty shoes and coats, as well as keeping cleaning products nearby to clean up and get rid of dirt and debris in your home. 


This may be the most tedious yet important location to organize for the holiday season. Knowing you are going to be feeding more people than you usually do, it is critical that your kitchen is prepared for such events. Organizing food into labeled storage bins in your pantry, stocking up on holiday food essentials and maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen are a few ways to prepare for a surge in kitchen use. 

Dining Room 

Like your living room, this could be another location where everyone gathers. Of course, everyone gathers here to eat, which makes it extra important to organize and keep this area tidy. Keeping cleaning supplies nearby as well as staying stocked up on dining room necessities will help to carry on with hefty meals for the holidays.

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