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Pantry Storage Essentials & Tips For Fall

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It is almost the time of the season for celebrating the holidays and spending time with loved ones. To make sure your kitchen is equipped for the most wonderful time of the year, here are some pantry basics to make your holidays run a little smoother and simpler. 

Canned Goods Are A Must-Have

Having the necessities for chicken noodle soup or for baked goods is crucial to keep the holidays going strong. Whether it is canned soup for a cold day or canned pumpkin for baking pumpkin pies, stocking up on items that can easily be warmed up or made into a dish are necessary. 

Likewise, Cleaning Supplies Are A Must-Have

While they are not a pantry essential, it does help to include cleaning supplies on your holiday shopping list next to canned goods. Staying stocked up on products that will keep your kitchen tidy are beneficial for maintaining some sense of cleanliness in a busy area. 

Have Your Baking Ingredients And Supplies Stored Together

When you are working hard to make food to feed a good amount of people, it is convenient to have the items you need in their correct places. It may be easier said than done, but keeping your ingredients together will be helpful in the long run. A helpful tip: storing these items in locations where you can grab-and-go can create some ease in a busy kitchen. 

Keep Your Easy-To-Open And Fragile Items Away From The Edge 

Sometimes little ones want to help out in the kitchen, or even want to steal a snack for themselves. Making sure to keep glass bottles or jars of cookies away in harder-to-reach places helps to keep your ease of mind when little helpers want to join in the holiday food-making fun. 

Use Labeled Storage Bins For Better Organization 

You can be either the most organized or the most disorganized person in the kitchen, and having labeled storage bins in your pantry items will still be the most successful in letting you know the ingredients you need for holiday food shopping. For example, one labeled “spices” for all your spices; “snacks” to store chips, pretzels and other small treats; or even “storage items” to keep tupperware for future leftovers. 

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