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Creating Storage For Your Child’s Belongings

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We know that children accumulate a lot of items, and there always seems to be a problem when it comes to finding a proper place to store those belongings. If you are looking for locations to place those possessions, here are a few rooms in your home that will do the trick. 

Closet Storage 

Naturally, placing items in their closet would be the first idea to store excess belongings. However, it can be difficult to keep extra games and toys in there along with articles of clothing. The smart way to go about storing items in your child’s closet is using storage cubbies and boxes that are labeled with said items in the box. This will allow for space in your child’s room but also knowing exactly where belongings are stashed. 

Garage Storage 

Another simple location of where to keep your child’s belongings is in your garage. This can be a place to store items that are rarely used or are used on special occasions. Of course, the garage can be already full of things and have no other room for more. A solution to creating storage for extra items is to have an area in your garage dedicated to the child’s belongings, whether it be a small corner or a set of drawers. That way, you always know where the items are stored and your child can easily grab it on their own. 

Mudroom Or Entryway Storage

It would make sense to store your child’s items in a place as simple as a mudroom. Whether you have a mudroom or an entryway where belongings are stored, it would make sense to place extra items here that you would not want to see lying around the house with no place to go. These pieces would include coats, boots, dirty clothes or gear, and other essentials that can be kept near the entrance of your home. The best way to create storage for this area of your home is to utilize hooks to hang items on when your kids need to grab things on the go.

We know creating storage in your home can be difficult, and the professionals here at Closet & Storage Concepts are here to help. With the ability to create a custom closet, garage storage system and entryway or mudroom storage solutions in your home, the possibilities for storing items in your home are endless! Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.